​Brown Classic tabby

​Silver w/ Gold Classic tabby
​Brown classic tabby coloring

This coloring can range from just darker than golden classic tabby (with less bright golden hues) to dark coffee brown, almost black
​Part of these cats in this coloring have fur tipped with black

Our queen, Lada, is in this coloring

Coloring price $2000
​Silver classic tabby coloring is a grey pattern of stripes on top of white/very light grey. 
The grey markings can be anywhere from light grey to deep, nearly blue/grey. Sometimes they look off white with very light grey stripes on top

​Coloring price $2000
Golden classic tabby coloring is considered rare. We were the first people who imported this coloring to the USA.  
This coloring can range from light and pale to dark and rich, and even look red at times. 
One of our kings, Almaz, is in this coloring, as are our queens Milasha and Zaphra 

Coloring price $2000 to $2100
​Silver/golden classic tabby is another rare color in the US. Quite often, it is referred to as the sunshine gene. 

Cats in this color usually have Silver as their more dominant coloring, with Golden coloring here and there, with most vibrant gold on paws, areas of the face, and sides of belly. They can have that golden coloring throughout their coat as well

One of our kings, Amourr, Is in this coloring

Coloring price $2000 to $2100
​Golden Classic tabby
​Silver Classic tabby
​Blue Classic tabby
​Orange Classic tabby
Silver mackerel
 Brown mackerel
Solid Cream/Cream Classic Tabby
Seal points
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​Blue classic tabby coloring is a deep blue/grey that ranges in how dark (or bright) it is, with a nice marble/tabby

Coloring price $2000
​Our Orange Classic Tabbies are always born boys. Our Queen Cookie produces these cuties from time to time.

Many of these kittens have white mittens and/or chests

Coloring price $2000

We have raised our prices, but everyone who is on the reservation list (With deposit paid) will get their kitten for the original price that that was set at the time of deposit payment
Prices can vary on each coloring, depending on how defined the marking is

All pictures on our website are pics of our current or previous cats and kittens

Smoke coloring is often called Blue as well. Kittens in this color can be pure solids or have white paws, chests, lockets, or parts of the face.
We also get smoke/blue colored kittens with a marble/tabby pattern. Sometimes the pattern itself is white, light grey, or even cream. 

Coloring price $2000 to $2100
Brown Mackerel is just like silver mackerel. With deep brown spots over their body, and tabby stripes on legs, and on face, just like a regular Classic tabby. 
​Their brown hues can be very warm or cool, depending on each kitten
Coloring price $2000
Silver Mackerel is a darker grey pattern of spots over the white/very light silver body, and tabby stripe marking over the face and legs

Coloring price $2000
Our Seal points have a blue/grey tail, ears, and face. The coloring/darkness varies from kitten to kitten.
They sometimes have white mittens (Not very often)
They range from very light, almost white, coloring to greyish fur 

Coloring price $2100
We have kittens produced in Solid black, as well as black kittens with white lockets, and white bellies at times. 
In most cases, when we have a black kitten born, he/she has silver hairs on their paws. If you click on pictures and zoom in, you will be able to see the silver/white hairs on their paws. 
​In the sunlight, some of these kittens give off a brown shading
Coloring price $2000 to $2050
We do not have kittens in Cream coloring often. They like to pop out once in a while from our beautiful queen Cookie. 
​They can have white mittens and lockets, as well as white on their cute faces. 

One of the pictures shows a cream next to an Orange Classic tabby to show you the difference between the two colors
Coloring price $2000
Sorry, at this time, we will not be having any whites available, nor any Torties, calicos, or lynx points